u alaikum,

I hope you're all well and dandy inshaAllah.

Orphans in Need have organised a short walk on 20th July 2013 to raise money for orphans and widows. It's will be during Ramadan, when we're all hungry and thirsty, walking from from Embankment to Regents Park. The idea is to try and catch a glimpse of what these kids have to go through everyday, walking for miles and miles in search for food and drink - and our walk ends with a meal, these kids remain hungry. It's for this reason that OiN have organised a walk, all you have to do is walk with us, show your support and raise £100. It's a short walk, and a small target, but it makes a huge difference to the orphaned children who will be helped through your efforts.

This walk is taking place during Ramadan, the Month of Mercy, the month where we are desperate for Allah taala to be merciful towards us, the best way to invoke the mercy of Allah is to be merciful to others. Every step you take can count as ibadah if you're intention is to help those in need. May Allah taala accept it from you and us, ameen.