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  1. i know one hotel
    moin guest house,mohd ali road,mumbai
    if u need their phone no i can give u
    u can contact them for details
  2. check for the lodges around cst for four persons at the rate of below 1000 per day
  3. i can definetly help u out
    there is 45mins distance betw kurla terminus and cst
    in mumbai where u all r cumg exactly then i can tell u abt lodges easily
  4. my family is coming to mumbai next month. can you tell me the details of the places where chief lodges are available.. and can you tell me the distance between kurla terminus and cst
  5. many persons are facing that problem.there is no solution for it. its the technical defect of this forum. however tell me about the error. i will give the solution upto my knowledge. and also send private message to farhan boy
  6. i am unable to upload pics from my pc
    can u help me?
  7. walaikumassalam bhai
    climate overhere is very nice from the day of eid
    till friday it was raining very much
  8. Assalaamu alaikum sis....

    how's the climate in mumbai now?

    is it raining?
  9. Assalaamu Alaikum....

    Wish you a
    very happy

    Ramadan Mubarak

    To u & ur family....

    May The Divine Blessings of "ALLAHSUBHANAWTALA" Light Up Your Life With Peace, joy and Prosperity

  10. Walaikum salam...

    Thanks sis...
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