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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum....

    Wish you a
    very happy

    Ramadan Mubarak

    To u & ur family....

    May The Divine Blessings of "ALLAHSUBHANAWTALA" Light Up Your Life With Peace, joy and Prosperity

  2. Assallammu Alaikkum
    Enna brother un sagothari ebadi irrakkaun.
    Ellam nalaam thane ?

  3. This babies wish to play with someone.
    I'm busy
    u carry on....

  4. some members in the forum may have prbm in attaching images bt Admin will solve the prbm as soon as possible.Insha Allah
    so dont worry.keep touch with this forum.

    i have another idea to solve this prbm.

    Upload ur images in the following websites

    Host UR Images

    ImageShack® - Online Media Hosting

    copy & paste the URL n the forum........
  5. Walaikkum Salaam Bhai

    Naan try pandren. ana "image " and" manage attachment" seria work panle.
  6. Assalaamu alaikum ...

    pls participate......

  7. help me bhai........

    I dont know arabic so anything wrong, notice me..........
  8. Naan different color le punla enru parthen Ana upload panre samayil aathu load avalai.
    Athnala move panetu pirugu color load avalia apadi uthu thain.
    Aparun apaklaan
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