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  1. WalaikumusSalaam....
    I m fine..
    what about U!!!!
  2. Assalaamu-alaekum warehmatullah
  3. [IMG][/IMG]
    ву ∂ ωαу ιη ωнι¢н ƒιєℓ∂ уσυ я ѕтυ∂уιηg...?
  4. brother...
    thanks for ur friend wishes..!
  5. When a doctor gets sick and another doctor doctors him,
    does the doctor doing the doctoring have to doctor the doctor the way the doctor being doctored wants to be doctored,
    or does the doctor doing the doctoring of the doctor doctor the doctor as he wants to do the doctoring?

    A dozen dim ding-dongs.

    How much dew would a dew drop drop, if a dew drop did drop dew

    does ur tounge slip...
  6. [IMG][/IMG]
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