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  1. salaam
    fyn thanx 4 askin .... hw cum u havnt loggd on in ages .... everythin alryt .... hw woz eid ??
  2. Sorry for not getting back to you.. Haven't been on for months and just seen your messages.. I'm good, thanks for asking.. How's you?
  3. hi neelam

    haven't been on in a while

    any way ...

    wot hav u been up 2
  4. Hi Neelam
    sorry i havn't been on 4 a while.
    alot of work to do really.
    anyway how r u
    everything fine ?
  5. I'm good, thanks for asking.. Not done much lately, just been at home really..
    How about you?
  6. How r u?

    Doin anyfin interestin l8ly
  7. Hello.. How's you?
  8. Hi
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