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  1. Jazakallah um Khairan sister for ur duaaz ...

  2. sister ....

    yeah i know i had been out for quite a long time ...
    got married and vas busy in building the relationship vith my vife ... ALhamdulillah so far so good ... thanks to ALMIGHTY ALLAH SUBHANA VA TAALA ...
    now my reguler life has almost started so am back and Inshallah vill keep on posting ...
    thanks for feeling concerned sister
  3. o alikum brother
    jazzak Allah brother i have wached the videos they describe the Painful reality
    May Allah forgive us and show us the new generation the right Path and give us the spirit to work only for Allah and Islam not for this Fake luxurious life that will extinguish by blow of a last breath.
    Society has brought us to a very dangerous point we can say at the edge of hell fire but we have to bring us out this crisis by will and Power of Faith.
    thanks alot for sharing
  4. Assalao mo alikum brother
    thanks for providing links i will wach them insha Allah
    wud u tell in brief what are these about
  5. AMEEN ... Ya Rabbul Alamin ,,,,
  6. salam brother
    thanks i got it how u teach the devil :-)
    may Allah grant us his favour and bless us with his support in each matter of life
    and may we realy bcome able to teach devil a lesson and tell him whome umma we r
  7. o Alaikum Va Rehmatullahe Va Barakatuhu !!!
    May Allah increase ur passion for contributing for Islam and serving ALLAH SUBHANA VA TAALA

    the vay i teach the Devil ... mmmmmmmm
    vherever i go, i tok about ISLAM... i don hv noffin else to tok about now ... vht eva anyone does or say or acts like, i try to compare it in the light of QURAN, Hadith n SUNNAH and try to tell them the ryte vay to do it or vht to say

    else i do some other things asvell .. like distributing the articles comprising of the basic moral teachings of islam in english n urdu both ...

    and stuff like tht ...
  8. so would u like to tell me how u teach devil the lesson:-)
  9. may Allah make us able to learn knowlege of Deen and serve Islam
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