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  1. aslaam o alikum brother
    congratulation brother for your nikkah i am so happy 4 u may allah tala give u more happiness
    how is your family?
  2. sis ...

    am perfectly ollrite ALhamdulillah by the grace of my ALLAH ALMIGHTY ..
    and life is goood ... very good .. rather excellent .. ALHAMDULILLAH ..
    my Nikkah vas done this Firday in the mosque ... and i feeel so so so much blessed tht i cant thank my ALLAH enuff all my life ... i feeel so calm now ...
  3. aslaam o alikum brtother how are you ?
    how is life going
  4. Va Alaikum Massalam ..

    Alhamdulillah am totally fine by the grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH

    thanks for asking
  5. Aslaam o alikum brother
    how are you?
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