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Conversation Between Laiba Rani and bint-e-anwar

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  1. o alikum sis
    glad to know that u r fine and shining like a star too.
    May Allah always bless u with all shine and smiles on ur face.
    how is ur life and studies going?
    hope will chat soon
  2. WalaikumusSalam....................
    Me FineNshine!!!!!
    what about you!!!!!!

    whats going on!!!!!!
  3. assalam o alikum sis
    how r u?
  4. WalaikumusSalam....
    Alhadulillah..thanks God!Pakistan won!
    U told me a great news! B/c i didnt know about the match!
    well Pakistan team is my can do anything any time!!!
  5. Aoa sis
    mubarak ho rat ko pakistan mach jeet gya tha right after i finished with u
    mean humari friendship jeet le kar aay ha
    me ne last over dekha was very tough..... but we made
    akhir ko pakistani hain na......
  6. insha ALLAH
  7. hmmmm...ok!Inshallah!
  8. my PLEASURE.....
    yea she is very nice and kind i love her company...

  9. oohhh she herself very kind personality!and my best friend here!!!
    its her kindness that she told you about me like this!
    why not sister!
    V R friendZ!!!!!!
  10. me fine by the grace of Allah
    i come to know from knownothing sis that u r a very nice company...
    she said me too....but i dont agree....may be if be friends...
    so we r friends....?
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