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  1. brother how r u?
    hope u r fine. missing our elder brother's wonderful sharings....hope to see it soon...
  2. brother
    how r u ?
  3. Brother
    How r u feeling now?
  4. Brother
    its very nice to hear that ur operation was a success and there was no complication. insha Allah u will recover soon. May Allah help u and bless u with health. Ameen.
  5. oalaikum sister Bint-e-Anwar.
    I had my operation on my back for 4 trapped nerves last thursday. i Made good recovery in hospital ; Alhamdulillah there were no complications. I stayed in hospital for 3 days.
    I am still making slow recovery at home. I have some pain in my back which is being controlled by pain killer tablets. I thank you very much for all the duas you made for me. May Allah reward you. i'll am taking things easy not to get tire either physically or mentally. Please continue to remember me in your duas
  6. Brother how r u?
    wish u get well soon. May Allah ease off ur pains and bless u with health. ameen
  7. o alikum brother how r u?
    when is ur operation?
    May Allah bless u with health and may u get well soon.
  8. o Alaikum Brother
    how r u?
  9. THANKS Brother. good u wud be enjoying with ur son.
  10. oalaikum sister Bint-e-Anwar. I am at my son's in Leicester, a city in the Midsland (UK) amidst heavy snow.
    Congratulation on your 1000 posts. Well done!
    how r u?
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