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  1. aslaam o alikum
    glad to hear that you operation was a sucess and there was no complications. insha allah u will recover dnt worry worry brother my duas always wid you.
    just look afta yr self
  2. Waalaikum Salam Sister Rabz.
    I had my operation for 4 trapped nerves on my back last thursday. I made good recovery in hospital. Alhamdulillah there were no complications. I stayed in hospital for 3 days. I am still making good recovery at home. I HAVE SOME PAIN IN THE WOUND IN MY BACK WHICH IS BEING CONTRolled by painkiller tablets I thank you for all the duas you made for me. May Allah reward you. Please continue to remember me in your duas. I AM TAKING THINGS EASY NOT TO GET TIRED PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY.
  3. aslaam o alikum brother how are you?
    long time wish to see you back soon
    may allah tala give you health and ease yr pain ameen
    when is your operation.
  4. Waalaikum Salam sister Rabz.
    Thank you for your blessings.
  5. aslaam o alikum brother
    wish you get well soon
    have plenty of rest
    my duas wid u inshallah u will feel betta
  6. Waalaikum Salm sister Rabz.
    I am not well.
    My son from Leicester is coming to see me.
    hope you are well
  7. aslaam o alikum brother how are you?
    how was your day?
  8. Waalaikum Salam sister Rabz.
    i am glad you are passing your time with relatives so that you don't feel too depressed.
    see you.
  9. aslaam o alikum brother my day was busy had relatives come over to my house so that y i didnt come on here thta often been busy cooking food and serving food to my cuzins
  10. oalaikum sister Rabz.
    I am having a quiet day; I am slow these days., feeling lethargic
    How is your day?
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