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  1. Sister,

    Thank you for the answer, I'll let you know if i have any more questions related to this subject,

  2. the differance in the Quran is that Shia muslims have 2 more surahs ( Surah Al-Nurayn and Surah Al-Wilayah). these extra surahs are considered forgeries. did i answer your question correctly?
  3. Alaikum Sister,

    Thank You for answering my question, one of my friends in office is a shiaite he says the only difference is the interpretation of AL Quran thats the only reason why they follow Ali (RA)...

    Need a little clarity on this,

  4. asallam mo alaikum Brother. when i answered your question on "diffences on shia and sunni muslims??" i hope that i answered your question properly. if there is anything more please do not hesitate to ask me another question.
    Hijab Pearl.
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