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  1. assalam o alaikum brother how r u?
  2. Waalaikum Salam sister Bint-e-Anwar.
    I f you are talking about physical activities, i have become lazy, but my illness demands i keep moving so that i lose weight to ease my back.
    So i do the house chores, cooking, also go foe a walk or shopping.
    If you r talking about leisure activities, i keep myself busy. Apart from this forum i do other things such as reading and social activities for the neighbourhood.
  3. what are ur activities these days?
  4. assalam o alikum brother
    jazzak Allah brother
    All Strength a Moman has is Faith in Allah what else we need?
    insha Allah Every thing will get Good By Allah's Will
  5. WaalaikumSalam.
    I have the determination to get well; There is no power nor strength except with Allah
  6. o alikum brother
    thanks for the wishes.
    nice to hear that ur pain is relieving and ur family is good..
    Get well soon...
  7. Waalaikum Salam Sister Bint-e-Anwar.
    I pray you will most successful in the University of your best choosing.
    Alhandulillah. My back is easing off..
    My family are well by the grace of Allah
  8. assalam o alikum brother
    i was bzy in my entry tests for universities and applied in 3 universities and was out of station. yesterday came back home. i missed too the forum brothers and sisters. how r u and ur family?
    hows ur back pain?
  9. oalaikum sister Bint-e-Anwar.
    Where have you been.
    missed you.
    All the best.
  10. Waalaikum Salam Sister Bint-e-Anwar.
    You r welcome.
    My back pain makes me restless and irritable at times, and then i become lazy.
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