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  1. o alikum brother
    yea ate biryani and othr traditional wedding dishes and sewwts and enjoyed alot. thanks for welcoming back. how r u?
    how is ur back pain
  2. oalaikum sister Bint-e-Anwar.
    Welcome back.
    How u eaten a lot of wedding cake and Briyani at the wedding?
  3. yea brother i knew that it wud be not possible for u thats why i didnt told u before about it. its a desi soup used in pakistan for cold my grandmother used to apply it over all her children and grandchilderns so i told u about it. but now as i read about the benefits of the pigeons muscles in my subjects i got that she was right.ok its vain discussion as u cannot apply it.
  4. Waalaikum Salam.
    I like Allama Iqbar. I have read some of Tagore's poems.
    Pigeons are difficult to get here. They are being discouraged to be reared as they cause vermin which is a health hazard.
  5. Brother i suggest u one more tip if u can apply. and that is u should use pigeon's soup as it has warm effect.
  6. Brother i have lots of time consuming hobbies that are difficult to pay attention due to tough studies but i manage it during my holy days or after exams. English Literature is Good but it has one Fault in it i guess and that is its Oversensitivity. The writer makes realities the fantasies and man gets lost if he go in deep meanings and it brings nothing positive but just wastage of time.
    But some of the poets have done good in describing beauty of nature and human emotions. But still i think it doesnt contain element of Dignity. I love Urdu literature bcoz of This element. and among all poets and writers i like Allama Iqbal who is Father of this Element.
  7. o alikum brother
    I think every person if he wants to get a softer approach towards the life he must read literature whether its Islamic or belonging to other civilizations bcoz it increases ur vision and also knowledge.
    French literature has one thing that i like in it and that is Integrity. this element is common in most of the writings of French Writers and it came from Their History.
  8. Waalaikum Salam sister. WE have something in common.
    I like literature too, both French an English. IT was my fovorite subject at college.
    In fact i love poems so much that I know a few Naats in Urdu, just by listening to the cds or videos, and follow the transliteration and translation.
    I just taking the egg and see how it goes.
    Hope you are keeping well.
  9. assalam o alikum brother
    thanks for congratulations.its nice to hear that u put ur self as british asian. i always had a gr8 charm for french and its my future plan to learn two languages if i got opertunity in life and that are persian and french and this all bcoz the literature in both languages is very rich and i want to learn this language due to history of france from which i m inspired also.
    Brother u keep on using egg treatment but if u have any heart relating problm mean blood pressure hypertention or other heart diseases then u should use it moderately maen just one egg in the morning and not in the night but if u r a healthy man with no such problms then u can carry on with using it in night and day with hot milk it doesnt harm healthy ppl and it doesnt contain harmfull calories that cannot be burned.
  10. Waalaikum Salam. My back is improving. I spent the day alone. My wife went to her sister's this am. She lives 3-4 miles away.
    Cogratulation to your brother.
    You will have a Bhabi. I also call my sister in law Bhabi. I have the same culture as Pakistan and India. In census in England, I put myself as British Asian. I was born in Mauritius. Urdu is also spoken in Mauritius, but when I was small I lived in a town where urdu is rarely spoken but French was prominent.
    Insha Allah everything regarding the wedding will go well, and you will be putting Mehdi on your Bhabi's hands.
    The egg treatment is ok. There is an improvement; but I am worried about cholesterol. Do you think it will raise my cholesterol level?
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