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  1. Jumma Mubarak To U also and to ur Family
  2. have u got benefit of eggs treatment?
  3. o alikum brother
    thanks to Allah and nice to hear that u r fine now. My Family is fine Today my mother and father along with elders of my family has set for My Bhabi mean future sister in law's home to fix the dates of wedding of my brother. plz pray every thing be fine.
  4. Waalaikum Salam sister. Jummah Mubarak.
    I am not too bad. My family is fine, Alhamdulillah.
    How are yourself?
  5. o alikum brother
    how is ur back pain now? and how is ur family?
  6. Waalaikum salam. I had not done "Sacrifice" by my own hand which is a Sunna.
    My family is happy, Alh, celebrating with me.
    Hope you are enjoying as well the happy occasion.
  7. Asslam o Alikum brother Eid Mubarak
    Have u done sacrifice today?
    hows ur family brother?
  8. Waalaikum Salam, Sister. Thanks for your dua.
  9. o alikum brother
    Insha Allah u will get well soon. i m fine Alhamdulillah
  10. Waalaikum Salam, Sister. Not too bad. Getting by slowly. Hope you too r well.
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