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  1. Assalaom o alikum brother
    how r u feeling now?
  2. there is no need to apologize brother i have not given u tip for any apreciation but my intention was to help u in this regard whether u say thanks me or rabz sis it doesn't matter. i m glad u tried that May Allah bless u with Health and relieve u from pains. u try it regularly insha Allah will feel the difference
  3. Waalaikum Salam.
    Thank you for today message.
    I owe you an aplogy.
    Yesterday I made a mistake, I thank Sister Rabz, for your treatment of egg and milk. I am always confused when my pain is playing me. After I came from Jummah from the local masdij (which ordinarily I take 10 minutes - now with this pain it takes me 20 minutes), I was exhausted, the pain was excruciating, due to sitting down too long in the masjid. To cut a long story short I try the treatment first night and I shall go on for a while. The drink was tasty. Now with the permission of Allah, the pain might ease off. Once more my apology, and thank once more.
  4. asslam o alikum brother
    how r u now?
    did u tried that?
  5. u r welcome brother
  6. Waalaikum Salam, sister. Thank for the info. I'll try it from tonight, and insha Allah, with the permission of Allah I might be better
  7. assalam o alikum brother
    yea there is lots of energy in this little thing it's a protien rich diet and also it has lots of calories in its yolk and its effect is healing for pain especially if u have back pain or pain in ur backbone or in any part of ur skeleton due to fracture or injury.
    u try it insha Allah will feel the difference especially when u use blend of it with hot milt milk it bcomes more effective. insha Allah u will be alright..
  8. Waalaikum Salam, Sister
    Thanks for remembering me in your dua. May Allah rewards you!
    I'll try the eggs and the milk. Is there any reasoning for their health benefits?
  9. assalam o alikum brother
    May Allah Almighty bless u with best of ur health insha Allah u will be alright.
    physio treatment is good these days u must use wool wears and protect u against cold..
    may i give u a tip u must use boiled eggs as much as u can in ur diet and also use egg and hot milk blend in morning and at night it will make u get well soon...
  10. Continuing my message. I hope you are well by the grace of Allah. Khoda Hafiz.
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