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  1. salam prob
  2. walikumsalaam thanks for reminding me sis i completely forgot it ....for few days my laptop is away .as i get will send ya
  3. sis.! hope u fine by grace of Almighty Allah.. apka pm nahi mila mujhy abhi tk..!! :/ hows life... Plz remember me in ur prayers as i need them. Stay blessed Allah hafiz
  4. wow. thats Great. Can u share his pic with me.! and what about ur degree.? have u completed the remaining semesters u frozen ?
  5. yeah he is fine and very naughty best of luck for the exams
  6. sis
    yup was bzy in exams but now em gonna appear someother exams. so asmaan sy gira khajoor p atka wala hisab ha. apka baby kesa ha.?
  7. alhamdolilah I am fine.... oh was busy wid exams dats why could hardly see u on forum ...
  8. wa alaikum assalam. em fine Alhamdulillah. was buzy in exams yesterday my exams ended. happy to see ur msg long since no interaction . how are you n your baby.!
  9. oalikum how are u sis
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