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  1. aslaam o alikum sis kaise ho? long time since i chatted 2 u
  2. sister how r u? long since we talked ui are also not posting these days. is every thing ok with u??
  3. sister Eid Mubarak To U and ur Family
  4. sis
    i m fine Alhamdulillah. thanks for duas. i am always praying for u. dnt worry. be happy dnt get upset.
  5. aslaamoalikum sis
    dont worry sis i will pray 4 yr father. plz pray 4 me as i need all ma brothers and sisters duas as these i am really upset and worried plz do dua dat everyfin bees ok ... u k? how is ramazan goin?
  6. sis
    i am fine and my family also. i requet to pray for my father
  7. aslaam o alikum ma sweet sis yh alhumdillah i am fine fanx how are you? happy ramadhan 2 u 2... how is yr family ? may allah tala give u always happiness and success and take yr sadness away ameen

  8. how is my sweet sister and how the blessed days of Ramadan are going?
    i was bzy in my domestic matters so could not come online for wishing u a blessed and Happy Ramdan. i hope u r fine and happy as well. just show me ur sweet smile like this
  9. aslaam o alikum sis how are you? jummah mubarak
  10. i m fine Thanks to Allah. i am spending summer holidays at home just bzy with domestic matters. insha Allah i will make dua. u need to be patient. dont worry if it would be in ur intrest Allah will make it for u. take care and dont worry.
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