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  1. Its very popular right........
  2. Sis yeh Domino's pizza are u aware of it................
  3. Fine Alhamdulillah and tell kya chal raha hai, everything is fine............wid u
  4. Kya Chal raha hai???? what r u doing???
  5. Shukr Alhamulillah--------So What is going on did shopping for EID as 2morrow is the last day........... and were u fasting today?
  6. can u tell me which country u r in..
  7. yes there is a video posted in the forum of a four yr boy who converted a woman into islam....the channel itself is Madani channel....its broadcasted in INdia, pak, UK, snd South Africa
  8. assalam walaikum sis and thanks for ur reply
  9. Pls sis keep on sharing ur good or bad moments with me of ur life....i'll pray to ALLAHTALA to get them resolved and thanks for ur reply
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