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  1. walikumsalaam brother wish invitation i didn't find any
  2. WALIKUMSALAAM BROVA can't say much on this u are right how can we trust them as u said they are non muslim
  3. walikumsalaam brova as u are living in india for that i am not sure
    but where i am living it ensures that its halal so we do eat without hesitation but when u go to them do ask them its halal or not
  4. yes bor u can post ur question i am going for the dinner
    i will check it 2morrow but do post in my profile
  5. walikumsalaam yes sure ask
  6. Alhamdolillah they are all fine
  7. walikumsalaam brother alhamdolillah things fine now living in bahrain
    there was fight among shia and sunni ppl
  8. walikumsalaam
    i am fine how are u ??
  9. he is talking about his immans and trying to spread their words
  10. walikumsalaam brother
    how are u ??
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