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Conversation Between Shahista and _knownothing_

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  1. i am sorry i don't wannna reveal
  2. walikumsalaam sorry for the late reply i am all fine
    yes i am there
  3. walikumsalaam how are u shahista
  5. assalamoalikum hope u are doing fine u did reply back
    hope u can post and create threads
  6. walikumsalaam Alhamdolillah i am fine what about u ???
  7. walikumsalaam sis yes sure

    if u want to creat new thread go in any section u will find option new thread and u will be able to make new threads and if u want to post in any section
    go to reply at the end of the page
    if u still have any problem do let me know
  8. every one call me knownothing
  9. assalamoalikum welcome to the forum shahista
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