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  1. assalamoalikum how are u sis
  2. assalamoalikum how are u sis
  3. assalamoalikum sis how is everything going
  4. ASSALAMOALIKUM sis i sent u some emails n added u

  5. have a good day
  6. assalamoalikum sis how are u how is everything going
  7. any time sis
    when u are psoting a visitor message for some one click on their name and then u will lead to their profiles if u have to answer some one u have to go in ther profiles i come in ur profile to post :
  8. no one will take u out for not posting sis no worries about that when ever u get time u can just come on this forum now u are member of this family so its ur forum as well in my last message i told u how to creat threads (new topic) if u still face any problem do tell me
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