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  1. Please message me on messenger whenever you find me online; I will fix that problem for you.
  2. Wa Alaikum assalam brother
    Insha Allah
    Thank U....

  3. bint-e-anwar sis, please contact me on messenger whenever you find me online; i will sort out the issues with your browser.

  4. o alikum brother how r u?
    Brother my problm is still there i am having problm with that it doesnt opens with IE and Firefox i dont know why is so it gives internal server error
  5. let me know if the problem persists.
  6. o alikum brother
    may be there is some problm on my side
    it shows login window saying thanks for login but after that it doesnt direct to the logged in page rather goes to previous page where there has to login again.
    i dont know what it is. but for today i havnt faced this problm.
    thanks for ur concideration.

  7. What is the error message which you normally receive?
  8. o alikum brother
    how r u?
    brother i am frequently having login problm mean i login but it fails why is so?
    how r ur days going.hope u fine. Allah Hafiz
  9. o alokum brother
    how r you?
    today is ur birthday?
    Happy birthday to u. many many happy eturns of the day. may Allah bless u with countless blessings and help u in sorting out ur problms. ameeeen.

  10. You are Super Moderator now. For more details, please contact _knownothing_ and rabz sis.

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