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  1. Brother. hope u fine by the grace of Allah and ur Ramadaan will be full of Allah's Blessings. A newbie has asked a question in discussion room. plzz have a look.
  2. oh sorry i mean uni is off since friday till 6th april. so enjoying unexpected holidays at home.
  3. brotherhow r u?
  4. Salam. ... Its been fixed now. I hope the problem doesn't turn up again. It was a technical fault.
  5. Wa Alaikum Salam sis,,,,, Alhamdulillah.. how about you?
  6. o alikum Brother
    No Problm brother its ok i was just joking i know u are very commited to ur job.

  7. sis, i requested you to contact me on messenger when I'm online. Only then I can look into your problem and solve it. I can't do that when you are offline. Please message me on messenger when you come online.

  8. Brother ur suggetion is very nice i agree it will also help forum members
    jazaak Allah
  9. thank u brother jazzak Allah
  10. * InshaALlah
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