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  1. Brother. plzz check this post some newbie has asked a question i think no one can answer more adequately and properly than u...
  2. brother
    and thanks. may Allah reward u well for this.
  3. waalaikum assalam wa rehmatullah.

    here is whats given in BAHAR E SHARIAT

    Aurat mar jai to shohar na usay nehla sakta hai , na chu (touch) sakta hai aur daikhnay ke mumanat nahen.
    Taken from Duray Mukhtar which is one of the authentic fiqha books for Hanfi Mazhab.
  4. brother
    i need ur help in finding ans to a question my class fellow asked me. i m bzy in my stdies so cant reffer to the books or some source.
    question is that after the death of wife nikkah dissolves and husband becomes na mehram for wife (which is wrong in my opinion) so he shouldnt see the face of wife. she wants authentic material on this problem. i tried to convince her according to my humble knowledge but i dnt have authentic material . plz if u cant do something.
  5. waalaikum assalam. u cant tell the issue to farhan bhai. i had them as those were due to the hack attempts some time ago.But now its ok with me.
  6. brother. there are some notifications in my profile but thaey are irresponsive. these notifications are becoming irritating.
  7. brother
    thanks for unblocking her
  8. No reply from brother farhan.

    I have unblocked her.She might have been blocked by mistake.
  9. Brother for sharing this bayan. its really informative why dont u upload this bayan in media at forum it will be a good addition
  10. ok brother
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