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  1. No Problem.
    Not converted properly will u plz make it clear.
    Sister there is only one way that leads to ALLAH and thats islam and when u read quran u will fine it clearly stated that ALLAh has choosen Islam as the religion for the man kind and anyone who dont accept it will be sent to the hell fire for ever from where he will never come out.
    Thats not what i m saying but whats ALLAH has said in the Holy Quran.
    Gain more knowledge.i prefer u that u make contact with a scholar who can answer ur questions in detail and if there r any misconception then helping u out on them.
    Fell free to ask any question any time.
  2. I hope u dnt mind me asking but I'm Christian and like da idea of a woman not showing too much of her beauty to men but I dont cover my hair etc as I'm not converted but believe what the Quran says like christianity that theres one God etc and a woman shud cover her beauty when married. If I die but not converted properly to Islam what wud u say wud happen 2 me??
  3. Fell free to ask anytime.
  4. InshALLAH i will.
  5. o Alaikum. Hi I'm Becki. Can you help me learn more about Islam, Thank you.
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