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  1. bhai ap india se nahe ho ,ap ne jhot kaha hai ...
  2. W/salaam ...ok per MAIN sach batao to mujhay buht hairat hue ye sun kar kai ap india se ho..phir bhe ap bhut achay musalmaan ho ..jazakALLAH ..
  3. ualaikum
    Haan India se hun
  4. bhai ap india say ho kya ?? i mean kya ap india main rahtay ho ??plz reply me ok
  5. ok ... brother
  6. borther i have send u message in ur private messages inbox u plz see there ..JAZAKALLAH
  7. 1. what in ur mind b4 sleeping u get that type of khawab.
  8. & about khawab ki taabir
    it depends on three types
  9. ualaikum
    Surat Al-Baqarah only once agfter fajr prayer
  10. n if u dont mind i also wanted to get a khaab ki tabeer if u know any alim or someone...
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