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  1. ok i will read these ayaat but how many times i should read is there any limit or it depends on my will that as many times i can read ..n JAZAKALLAH for ur suggestion in such complicated situation ..
  2. I can be done with ZIKR of ALLAH
    Even i had faced this probz
    Infact not only jinns harms us
    U can read Surat-Al-Baqarah after Fajr Prayer continously at once without going anywhere or moving o another place.
    INSHALLAH will be solved
    & also SUrat Ibrahim also can be read
  3. ualaikum
    Sister actually i was answering ur question but am facing a probz with my internet connections so wasn't able to answer
  4. ok brother i know u cant help me...JAZAKALLAH
  5. n they said they are shaitane jin .they dont allow to read quran ,i have very bad experience with all this bt i wish that there could be a easy way to handle them directly ..if u have any easy way to handle them then plz help me..JAZAKALLAH...
  6. brother in this case when we read YAseen sharif the person get shouted that stop reading this all n even in that home if it is empty but when we sit we fell that someone is all sitting with us i saw myself for a while saw a black cloud crossing ,i have ask my murshid ,they said to read in one day atleast 40 times YASEEN ..
  7. Jinn are of 2 types
    1. Good One which is Muslim
    2. Bad One which is Kafir
  8. Wa-Alaikumassalam
    I can help u a little bit sister
  9. thx a lot..
  10. o Alaikum...can u plz tell me how to post any new interesting facts about islam????just want some guide confused how to post new facts in thread???
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