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  1. Alhamdolillah, i'm fine sis, how r u?? after a long time i spoke with u sorry sis
  2. walikumaslaam brother how r u
  3. walaikum sis
  4. walikum sis how r U ??????????
  5. aslaamo alikum brother how are you? jummah mubarak
  6. yes i'm still preparing..............that means my sisters from forum will be very busy during ramzan..?????????? wish u a happy and very peaceful ramzan........sis pls pray form me too
  7. aslaam o alikum brother alhumdolliah everyone is fine.... how is your family ? yh i am prepared for ramzan r you
  8. sis thanks for reply.......what abt ur family hope every one are fine and r u preparing for Ramzan
  9. walikumaslaam brother alhamdolillah i am fne how are you
  10. walikum sis how r u????????
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