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  1. bhai i live 30 minz away from birmingham and 10 minz from derby i live in burton on trent have you heard of it?
    thats good you come a day earlier cuz u cant trust transport in this weather they forcast more snow this week
  2. I travelled back from Manchester ... was a misery... I was supposed to reach London Euston by 21:15 but reached 21:20 and then underground tubes... anyway,,, back to WORK. I have appointment on 23rd December at 1000 in morning... can't take risk so I am travelling a day earlier and booking a room in hotel as well. where do you live ?
  3. aslaam o alikum farhan bhai app kaise ho?
    aap ka din kasie guzra
  4. its full of snow... i m in Manchester today ... will be leaving on sunday evening to London. butttt confusing now as VirginTrains journey might be affected.
  5. aslaam o alikum farhan bhai i am alhumdillah fine
    how is your day going?

  6. Jumma Mubarik to you as well... Alhamdulillah I am fine, how about you?
  7. aslaam o alikum brother
    how are you?
    jummah mubarak
  8. aslaam o alikum farhan bhai
    i am going to do level 3 course for 1 year then i am going to go university
    how are you?
  9. what level ??? degree ???
  10. aslaam o alikum farhan bhai i am not doing anything these day be at home. but i applied for a course in college it starts in january if there is no space then i will start a course in september wat about you bhai
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