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  1. dont worry brother my duas are wid u inshallah u will get your permit visa dont worry i will do dua 4 u . app sab bi bohat achi ho.
    how was you day ?
    remember me in your duas 2 brother
  2. Wa Alaikum Salam aapi,

    Everything is fine Alhamdulillah; got stuck with some work permit visa problem ahead If things didn't turn up in my favour then I will return back to Pakistan despite my nice job here in London. However, I wanted to continue for next 2 years UK life only. Anyway! do pray for me. Aaap sab bohat achay hein, meray liye dua karein.
  3. aslaam o alikum brother
    how are you?
    how is your day going?
  4. Eid Mubarik
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