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  1. aslaam o alikum bhai
    almudillah im f9 fanx
    jummah mubarak
  2. Wa Alaikum salam Rabz sis... I'm oryt... Alhamdulillah... How about you?
  3. aslaam o alikum bhai app kaise ho?
  4. aslaam o alikum farhan bhai
    aap kaise ho?

  5. Happy Birthday to your Dad
  6. aslaam o alikum brother
    alhumdillah i am fine brother was busy last weekend and family come over
    anyways hows was your day bhai
  7. Wasallaam rabz sis... I am good; ALhamdulillah.. Had a week spent in Manchester. Now back to work in London how about you ?
  8. aslaam o alikum brother app kaise ho
  9. aslaam o alikum bhai yh u rite you can see the power house i live in burton on trent . i went to asda 2day and i went shopping to town wat abt you bhai?
  10. yeahh.. because of adverse weather conditions.... there is an ASDA in burton-on-trent near the place where you can get bus to derby... I have worked in that ASDA store I used to travel from Derby to Burton-on-Trent. There is two types of shuttle service between Derby and Burton. 1 is express which is normally in effect but once or twice a day, there is a service that takes you to burton from derby passing through many villages which come in between. Then I can tell you another place there, if you travel between derby and burton, you will see a Power House; There are 3 big structures of power house you will notice.
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