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  1. as i got married so bit busy with my married life and uni is close so thats why feeling bore
    looking for a job
  2. Alhamdolillah fine
  3. walikumsalaam i am fine sis
    thanks for asking how about how u doing
  4. walikumsalaam alhamdolillah i am fine
    thats good u are enjoying it bc wen enjoy that means we are going to learn more
    my life became busy and everything arround is fine
  5. walikumsalaam i am fine alhamdolillah
    wedding waz nice i wore brown colour lengha
    how about u hows everything what about ur courses u were talking
  6. walikumsalaam alhmadolillah i am fine
    insha Allah now i will be regular
  7. walikumsalaam sis i am on holidays for about one month
  8. how u doing rabz havn't seen u today
  9. nopzz i will check dem now
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