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  1. walaikum assalam sista
  2. i am fine alhamdolillah but very busy these days don't get much time to log in
  3. wassalaam sista........Alhamdulillah m good.........hw abt uuu..........ive changed my m able to log in
  4. assalamoalikum brother how are u good to see u back
  5. asa tu nahi ke website block ho app ki side per
    i hope things get well for u
    and see ya active on forum
  6. assalamoalikum hope u are fine brother
  7. glad to know its solved n you are back
    life just going on
  8. assalamoalikum brother how r u didn't see u much on forum
    i hope everything was all right ur side
  9. walikumsalaam brother

    yes that page is bank
    i think farhan bro is still working on that page
    insha Allah soon that will be available
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