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  1. walikumsalaam brova Alhamdolillah everything is fine
  2. o alikum
    sis how r u?
    Kaisi ho tum or sab theek thak hy na ?
  3. I hope u were not effected by the flood
  4. assalamoalikum how are u brother hope everything was fine at ur side seeing u after long time
  5. assalamoalikum brother do u have soft ware for writing urdu
  6. app chat box per aaho batatee hon
  7. no problem if u need any help in creating poll u can
  8. first u will creat polling and den u will annouce da winner
  9. walikumsalaam mein kiyon aanouce karo app ka kaam app khud karein

    assalamoalikum announce da winner plzz
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