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Conversation Between fayaz.hs and Sufiyan Shaikh

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  1. walaikum bhai how r u ?????????
  2. Walekumasalam Bhai...
  3. walakum Bhai
  4. Thanks bhai same to u ((((((((((((EID MUBARAK)))))))))))))

  5. Sifiyan Bhai..
    Eid Mubarak to u n ur Family....
  6. Fayaz Bhai no……..I am not busy with the goats my younger and elder brother are busy with the goats….i do have craze of goats but I know one day everyone has to go back to ALLAHTALA………right..... Any way (((((((((((((((EID MUBARAK))))))))))))))) to u and ur family
  7. Eid mubarak in advnc
  8. Walekumsalam Bro...
    Nice... I have done eid Shopping...
    Hw about u???
    Still u r playing with Gots na...!!!
  9. walaikum Fayaz Bhai….did ur eid's shopping or was just busy with the goat's……..!!!!!
  10. assalamoalikum Fayaz bhai, how r u???, i am a new user to the forum, plz guide me using the web and my knowledge in Islam
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