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  1. assAlamoalikum
  2. walikumsalaam bro good to know u are fine
    may u be blessed wish to see u active soon

  3. Sis.. Alhumdulillah i fin. Littl busy in work.
    Hopefully you are doing well...
  4. where are u brother
    hope u doing alll fine
  5. assalamoalikum brother

    your reply will be highly appreciated
  6. walikumsalaam brother i have no excess to u tube insha Allah soon i will check
  7. walikumsalaam brothereid mubarak to u and ur family
  8. walikumsalaam
    good to know that u are fine
  9. assalamoalikum brother how are u is everything fine on ur side
    see u very less on forum these days
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