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Thread: Aerobic Exercise and Your Heart

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    Default Aerobic Exercise and Your Heart

    Aerobic Exercise and Your


    It's true that aerobic workouts are great stress beaters -- great for your heart and mind. Exercise relieves stress through various physical mechanisms:

    1.Spending fifteen minutes a day doing any activity that works the major muscle groups -- such as running, cycling, walking, swimming and stair-climbing -- helps relax the muscles.
    2.Exercise helps your body metabolize stress hormones more quickly.
    3.Exercise releases endorphins, those naturally produced chemicals thought to relieve stress and promote a sense of well-being.
    4.There are many aspects that make up a successful and effective aerobic exercise program. They include: warm-up, cool-down, cardiovascular activity, strength, and flexibility. All followed with safety and proper precautionary measures.
    5.However you get your exercise, be sure to stick with a routine. Your heart will thank you for it!
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    jazakAllah sis .....
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    Exercise are very important for body. It gives many benefits to us. We all have to do exercise. Aerobic exercise is good for heart diseases. In that exercise there is some struggle on heart which is good for it. So good to do aerobic exercise. Walking is also best exercise. It also helps heart patients.

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