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Thread: the green tea info

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    Default the green tea info

    The Green Tea Info

    25 Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Green Tea Now.

    Green tea has increasingly become a very popular drink worldwide because of its immensely powerful health benefits.
    It is extraordinarily amazing what green tea can do for your health.
    And if you're not drinking 3 to 4 cups of green tea today, you're definitely NOT doing your health a big favor.

    Here Are The 25 Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Green Tea Right Now:

    1. Green Tea and Cancer

    Green tea helps reduce the risk of cancer.
    The antioxidant in green tea is 100 times more effective than vitamin C and 25 times better than vitamin E.
    This helps your body at protecting cells from damage believed to be linked to cancer.

    2. Green Tea and Heart Disease

    Green tea helps prevent heart disease and stroke by lowering the level of cholesterol.
    Even after the heart attack, it prevents cell deaths and speeds up the recovery of heart cells.

    3. Green Tea and Anti-Aging

    Green tea contains antioxidant known as polyphenols which fight against free radicals.
    What this means it helps you fight against aging and promotes longevity.

    4. Green Tea and Weight Loss

    Green tea helps with your body weight loss. Green tea burns fat and boosts your metabolism rate naturally.
    It can help you burn up to 70 calories in just one day.
    That translates to 7 pounds in one year.

    5. Green Tea and Skin

    Antioxidant in green tea protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, which cause wrinkling and skin aging.
    Green tea also helps fight against skin cancer.

    6. Green Tea and Arthritis

    Green tea can help prevent and reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.
    Green tea has benefit for your health as it protects the cartilage by blocking the enzyme that destroys cartilage.

    7. Green Tea and Bones

    The very key to this is high fluoride content found in green tea.
    It helps keep your bones strong.
    If you drink green tea every day, this will help you preserve your bone density.

    8. Green Tea and Cholesterol

    Green tea can help lower cholesterol level.
    It also improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol, by reducing bad cholesterol level.

    9. Green Tea and Obesity

    Green tea prevents obesity by stopping the movement of glucose in fat cells.
    If you are on a healthy diet, exercise regularly and drink green tea, it is unlikely you'll be obese.

    10. Green Tea and Diabetes

    Green tea improves lipid and glucose metabolisms, prevents sharp increases in blood sugar level, and balances your metabolism rate.

    11. Green Tea and Alzheimer's

    Green tea helps boost your memory.
    And although there's no cure for Alzheimer's, it helps slow the process of reduced acetylcholine in the brain, which leads to Alzheimer's.

    12. Green Tea and Parkinson's

    Antioxidants in green tea helps prevent against cell damage in the brain, which could cause Parkinson's. People drinking green tea also are less likely to progress with Parkinson's.

    13. Green Tea and Liver Disease

    Green tea helps prevent transplant failure in people with liver failure. Researches showed that green tea destroys harmful free radicals in fatty livers.

    14. Green Tea and High Blood Pressure

    Green tea helps prevent high blood pressure.
    Drinking green tea helps keep your blood pressure down by repressing angiotensin, which leads to high blood pressure.

    15. Green Tea and Food Poisoning

    Catechin found in green tea can kill bacteria which causes food poisoning and kills the toxins produced by those bacteria.

    16. Green Tea and Blood Sugar

    Blood sugar tends to increase with age, but polyphenols and polysaccharides in green tea help lower your blood sugar level.

    17. Green Tea and Immunity

    Polyphenols and flavenoids found in green tea help boost your immune system, making your health stronger in fighting against infections.

    18. Green Tea and Cold and Flu

    Green tea prevents you from getting a cold or flu.
    Vitamin C in green tea helps you treat the flu and the common cold.

    19. Green Tea and Asthma

    Theophylline in green tea relaxes the muscles which support the bronchial tubes, reducing the severity of asthma.

    20. Green Tea and Ear Infection

    Green tea helps with ear infection problem.
    For natural ear cleaning, soak a cotton ball in green tea and clean the infected ear.

    21. Green Tea and Herpes

    Green tea increases the effectiveness of topical interferon treatment of herpes.
    First green tea compress is applied, and then let the skin dry before the interferon treatment.

    22. Green Tea and Tooth Decay

    Green tea destroys bacteria and viruses that cause many dental diseases.
    It also slows the growth of bacteria which leads to bad breath.

    23. Green Tea and Stress

    L-theanine, which is a kind of amino acids in green tea, can help relieve stress and anxiety.

    24. Green Tea and Allergies

    EGCG found in green tea relieves allergies.
    So, if you have allergies, you should really consider drinking green tea.

    25. Green Tea and HIV

    Scientists in Japan have found that EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) in green tea can stop HIV from binding to healthy immune cells.
    What this means is that green tea can help stop the HIV virus from spreading.

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    Green tea helps you to remove huge amounts of fat easily. Green tea is considered as one of the best weight loss alternatives available in the market today. The benefits of green tea include a lot of healing and preventive processes that cater to diseases like cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, infections and impaired immune functions diseases. With green tea, you’ll not only save a lot of money but also attain a great-looking body within a short period of time

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    thanx for sharing

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    Default Green Tea

    JazzakAllah. I take Green Tea.

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    100 ml of brewed green tea typically gives you:
    Energy - 3KJ/1kcal
    Protein - Trace
    Carbohydrate - 0.2g
    of which sugar - Trace
    Fat - Trace
    of which saturates - Trace
    Fibre - Trace
    Sodium - Trace
    based on green tea leaves with 200 ml water for 2 mins
    Typically 250mg tea antioxidants per 200ml cup
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    jazzak Allah all of u yea i use green tea its really good for health and skin.

    ایک ھوں مسلم حرم کی پاسبانی کے لیے
    نیل کے سا حل سے لے کرتابخاکِ کاشغر

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    thanks every one
    danks for the addition abdul bro
    میں نےجو کیا وہ برا کیا،میں نے خود کو خود ہی تباہ کیا

    جو تجھے پسند ہو میرے رب،مجھے اس ادا کی تلاش ہے

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    It's a pleasure sister knownothing. Allah bless!

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