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Thread: Chicken Shashlick

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    Default Chicken Shashlick

    Chicken Shashlick

    1 Kg. boneless chicken
    2 tsp Salt
    1 tsp chili (Lal Mirch) powder
    2 Green Bell peppers
    3 Medium Onions
    6 Small green chilies
    ½ Kg canned whole/diced tomatoes
    ½ Cup Ketchup
    3 tbs. Soy Sauce
    3 tbs. Oil

    Cut the chicken into cubes and
    fry it in oil on low-medium heat
    until the chicken is white. (15 minutes)
    Dice the tomatoes if you're using whole ones. Add this to the chicken. Deseed the bell peppers and cut them into 1 inch chunks. Cut the onions into chunks and add these in as well.
    Throw in the rest of the ingredients and cook this on low-medium heat for about half an hour or until the bell peppers are slightly soft.
    Serve with boiled rice.
    Serving: 3 to 4 persons

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    thanks for the lovely recipie

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