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Thread: Assalaam alaikom

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    Default Assalaam alaikom

    May I please clarify first I always ask Allah for any thing. But, I also know we should say dua for self and other Muslims. I need dua for KNOWLEDGE of ISLAM, FOR protection from my husband negligence towards me, that a job to take care of myself, that i can get my own dwelling. And find happiness
    Assalaam Alaikom

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    Welcome to the forum
    May Allah subhanwataala bless u with happiness and make your life easy
    میں نےجو کیا وہ برا کیا،میں نے خود کو خود ہی تباہ کیا

    جو تجھے پسند ہو میرے رب،مجھے اس ادا کی تلاش ہے

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