Quran is a source of guidance for every Muslim to get success in Akhira but to our hectic life routine we get so much busy in our life that we are unable to recite Quran. By analyzing this problem QuranReading.com has developed Last 20 surahs mobile app. The app contains the last 20 surahs of Quran. Reason to include only last surahs is because they are short, easy to learn, memorize and recite in almost every prayer.

Main Features of this App are:

  • Recitation
  • Translation
  • Transliteration
  • Social Sharing

By having this app in your phone you can recite, learn and memorize these surahs anytime anywhere. You can also listen the recitation of surahs in heart throbbing voice of 2 famous Islamic scholars.
Quran is in Islamic language, for this not every Muslim is able to understand the meaning of surah they are reciting. Translation feature is introduced for them to understand what they are reciting.
Transliteration is introduced for those who are unable to recite surahs in Arabic language. With the feature of transliteration in English they can easily recite Quran.
Social Sharing:
Almost every person is linked with others through different social networks. Now you can share this amazing app with your friends via facebook, Google+, whatsapp and many more.
Last 20 surahs app is beneficial for elders as well as for elders. Download this application is free of cost and available for android as well as for iPhone.