Quran learning and recitation is necessary for every Muslim. But in this advanced we only concentrate just to learn Quran as soon as possible ignoring it rules like Tajweed. If you don’t have any problem in tongue and you recite Quran without following rules how much it will be beneficial for you. To make Tajweed learning simple and quick Tajwid Al Quran app is helping Muslims all around the world.


  • User of this app will be able to learn Tajweed without tutor. This facility removed Time and location management issues. Just load this app and start learning Quran Tajweed without any problem.
  • An approach to beautify Quranic Surahs pronunciation.


Fundamentals of Tajwid: Tajwid introduction is given in this app at first page to give user an initial detail about what is Tajweed?

Rules of Tajwid: Tajwid rules are given in this app to make Tajweed learning simpler for users like stopping signs description etc.

Tajwid Audio characteristic: Audio pronunciation of Tajwid with text detailed rules is highly valuable for every Muslims in learning Tajwid quickly.