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Thread: Focus to each and every Ayah in Quran

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    Default Focus to each and every Ayah in Quran

    Paying full attention and pondering over the verses is the key to attaining the hidden treasures of Allah’s Book. It is a book of secrets, worldly and hereafter treasures. It is a book that reveals the true meaning of life, the purpose and creation of mankind. Therefore, it has to be recited according to Sunnah i.e. with tarteel.

    Reciting the Quran with tarteel and tajweed comes with reading it in a slow, measured and distinct manner helps the reader to understand and the pleasure of repeating the words that are spoken out by none other than Allah ﷻ is priceless. The Quran should be held firmly and the recitation should be done with seriousness and utter sincerity.

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    As-Salaam alaikum,
    May I second Muqeet Ahmad's above, about approaching the Holy Qur'an with care, respect and decorum it deserves in all respects. This is all the more so, as our Sheikh used to say, that an ayat.... any ayat (verse) of/in the Holy Qur'an belongs to Allah, Tabaraka Wa Ta'ala. It is His Sign... a sign of His Endless Power and Knowledge. If one knows how to use it, no matter what comes upon one from the sons of Adam, one ayat will be enough to vanquish all problems.. and make one victorious...

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