Hindi quran is an android smartphone app that is designd for hindi muslims to help them to learn quran more effectively. The app contains transliteration of each aravic word with hindi translation.
· 13 line Quran that contains 30 juz for hindi language speakers
· Quran with tajweed Rules
· Hindi translation, transliteration and mp3 recitation.
· Other than Hindi Quran translations, languages includes English, Italian, Persian, Indonesian, French, Chinese, Spanish, and Urdu
· Change of Theme includes change of Font style and Font size for convenient visibility of Quran Alphabets
· Book Mark option to bookmark your favourite ayah or page
· The ace features include Stop Signs and Sajhdas (Bows) which are included to let the user familiar with the basics of Quran which are core parts in the understanding of Holy Quran
· GoTo option for quick access to the verse or Surah of Quran Pak

Download this amazing Quran app that assist hindi users towards correct recitation of Quran.