The path of good morals

Faith linked to the creation

The path to happiness is certainly one on which good morals flourish. The person walking on this path must find love, tolerance, generosity, forgiveness, modesty, peace, humility and selflessness. They must also find justice, honesty, charity and mutual advice and consultation, as well as other morals. It is also a path that makes the person overcome the self and its desire so as to obtain high morals and an abundance of good manners. Morality is not a luxury that can be dispensed with; rather, its status comes at the forefront of the fundamentals on which the direction of life depends. If individuals’ morals are good, then this will be reflected positively in the contentment of their lives and those of their communities. If, however, these morals are bad, then they will all be wretched and live miserably.

Worship and good morals in Islam are connected to each other