Man…..When He is One of the Untouchables

Rajiv and Yousef entered the dialogue room before Michael, and Rajiv started the conversation by saying:
Rajiv: There is a matter I’d like to discuss and it’s important for me to know the view of Islam concerning it, because there is a relationship between it and the view that Islam holds.
Yousef: Please, go on.
Rajiv: In my home country, India, there once was a class that was called the Untouchables, but nowadays they go by the name the Harijan, or (God's children). This name was given to them by the historic leader of India, Mahatma Gandhi. Although the use of the word “Untouchables” was banned by the Indian government in 1949, reality shows and studies have reveale, that this untouchability still exists in rural areas and small towns.
Yousef: And what is the problem with this untouchability?
Rajiv: Actually, it's not a problem, but more like a tragedy... A human tragedy that reflects the denial of human rights in the worst form of denial.
Man…..When He is One of the Untouchables