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Thread: A'mal for the Month of Rajab

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    Default A'mal for the Month of Rajab

    A'mal for the Month of Rajab
    which are beneficial at or after death


    To fast for 4 days is beneficial to save oneself from punishment in the grave.
    Whoever fasts for six days in Rajab will find peace in Qiyamat & walk over the Pul-e-siraat easily without accounting.

    Night of 1st Rajab
    Recite 20 rakat namaaz on the night of 1st Rajab after Maghrib namaaz such that in every Rakat after Surah al- Hamd recite Surah Tawheed once. The reciter & his family will be saved from punishment in the grave & will cross Pul-e-siraat like lightening without any accounting.

    1st of Rajab
    Recite 10 Rakat Namaaz on the 1st of Rajab such that in every Rakat after Surah al Hamd, recite Surah Tawheed 3 times. A person who prays this Namaaz will be saved from the squeeze of the grave.

    Lailatul Raghaib & first Thursday of Rajab
    It is related that the person who recites Surah-al Yaseen before going to bed & Namaaz -e -Lailatul Raghaib will be saved from the terror of the grave. The first Friday night of Rajab is known as Lailatul Raghaib. Hazrat Muhammad (saws) used to fast on the first Thursday & between Maghrib & Isha recite 12 Rak’at namaz in six sets of 2 units. In every Rak’at after surah al Hamd recite 3 times Surah al-Qadr & 12 times Surah an Naas. After salam recite 70 times: Allahumma s’ale a’laa muh’ammadin nabiyyil ummi wa a’laa aaleh.
    Then go into sajdah & recite70 times: subbuh’un quddoos rabbul malaaaekate war-rooh’
    Then sit erect & say 70 times: rabbighfir war-ham watajaawaz a’mma ta’lamo innaka antal a’liyyul a’zeem.
    Then go into sajdah & say 70 times: subbooh’un quddoos rabbul malaaekate war-rooh’.

    Night of 7th Rajab
    The Holy prophet (saws) says that if a person recites 4 unit namaaz on the night of 7th rajab, (such that in each unit after Surah al Hamd recites Surat at Tawheed thrice, Surah alFalaq once, Surah an Naas once. After finishing namaaz recites Salwaat &10 times Tasbeehate Arba’).
    Allah will offer him shelter under the Arsh, & give him reward of a person fasting in the month of ramdhan. Till the time he finishes the prayers, the angels pray for his forgiveness. Allah will ease the pangs of death on him & save him from the squeeze in the grave. He will not die unless he sees his place in Paradise, & will be safe from the hardships of Qiyamat.

    Middle of month of Rajab & the night of 16th&17th Rajab

    To recite 30 rakat namaaz in the middle part of the month such that in each rakat after Surah alHamd recite Sura Tawheed 10 times is beneficial to save oneself from punishment in the grave. In the same manner to recite the above naamaz on the night of 16th &17th Rajab is also beneficial

    22nd Rajab
    To recite the following 8 Rak’at namaaz on the 22nd of Rajab is beneficial during death. In each Rakat after al-Hamd , recite Surah Tawheed 7 times. After finishing Namaaz, recite sawaat 10 times & recite Astaghfirullah Rabbi wa atooboIlayh 10 times.

    24th of Rajab
    Fasting on the 24th of Rajab carries great reward. One of its merits is that the angel of death comes in the form of a handsome youth carrying a bowl of the pure drink(Sharaabe Tahoora) & offers it to the dying man. The dying person drinks it & dies in peace.

    Last day of Rajab.
    For the person who fasts on the last day of Rajab, Allah will save him from the after effects of death
    My dear ALLAH when I loose hope, Help me to remember that, your love is greater than my disappointments & your plans For my life are better than my dreams..

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    jazakAllah sis
    میں نےجو کیا وہ برا کیا،میں نے خود کو خود ہی تباہ کیا

    جو تجھے پسند ہو میرے رب،مجھے اس ادا کی تلاش ہے

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    The Month of Rajab
    Similarly, some months carry more value and significance than other months. For example, Rajab is considered more sacred. This is because of several reasons. These reasons are elaborated below. The Significance of Rajab 1. When the moon is sighted on the first night of Rajab, it is among the most sacred nights. During this night Allah accepts the prayers and supplications of His beings. The night is so sacred that Hazrat Ibna Soolki prayed to Allah to bestow him with death on the first night of Rajab. 2. According to Kitabul Barkaat, individuals who fast on the first Thursday that arrives after the moon is seen will gain a place in Paradise as a reward. 3. According to the Prophet (PBUH), one who observes one fast during the month of Rajab will gain rewards similar to if one has fasted for forty years.

    4. Moreover, the Prophet (PBUH) says that, “In Paradise there is a canal named Rajab. Its water is whiter than milk, cooler than ice and sweeter than honey. The one who observes even a single fast in Rajab, he/she will be entitled to drink its water.” 5. The month of Rajab is so sacred that the Prophet (PBUH) said that if any Muslim man or woman observes fast for one day and spends the whole night worshipping Allah in the month of Rajab, Allah will write worshipping worth a year in his or her book of deeds. 6. For those who are sick and cannot fast during the month of Rajab, the Prophet recommended them to fast on the first, fifteenth and the last day of the month of Rajab. This will allow them to gain rewards for the complete month of Rajab. 7. For all those who cannot fast during the month, they can give charity or bread to the needy for every day of the month.
    Read from here: The Significance Of The Month Of Rajab Islamic Articles

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