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Thread: How is the Divine Inspiration revealed

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    Default How is the Divine Inspiration revealed

    Bukhari :: Book 1 :: Volume 1 :: Hadith 2

    Narrated 'Aisha (the mother of the faithful believers) Razi Allah Anha:

    Al-Harith bin Hisham asked Allah's Apostle (Sal Allaho Alehi Wasallam) "O Allah's Apostle! How is the Divine Inspiration revealed to you?" Allah's Apostle (Sal Allaho Alehi Wasallam) replied, "Sometimes it is (revealed) like the ringing of a bell, this form of Inspiration is the hardest of all and then this state passes ' off after I have grasped what is inspired. Sometimes the Angel comes in the form of a man and talks to me and I grasp whatever he says." 'Aisha (Razi Allah Anha)added: Verily I saw the Prophet being inspired Divinely on a very cold day and noticed the Sweat dropping from his forehead (as the Inspiration was over).

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    jazak Allah

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    ایک ھوں مسلم حرم کی پاسبانی کے لیے
    نیل کے سا حل سے لے کرتابخاکِ کاشغر

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