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  1. LilMuslim -Islamic Learning Game for Muslim kids

    Lilmuslim is an android Islamic app that facilitated the Muslim kids to learn and memorize the daily Islamic duas. The app help the kids to learn the daily Islamic with mp3 audios and easy go through...
  2. Quran Recitation with Translation Benefits

    Muslims all over the world recite Quran and understand this Holy Scripture as a religious duty and seek assistance from it. The Creator of the world of the worlds says regarding the matter of...
  3. Lil Muslim 2 - App To Learn Duas For Kids

    LilMuslim - Kids Dua is an Android game, which is designed for Muslim Kids to help them in learning the Daily Duas. The app provides phrases and MP3 Audios to facilitate kids in their easy learning....
  4. Mujy Maa Us Badla Leny Jana Hy

    Mujy Maa Us Badla Leny Jana Hy is an application which contains more than 45 songs which will inspire and motivate you from your heart if you are a true Pakistani.
    This app will enlighten your Love...
  5. Surah Rahman Urdu Translation and Recitation for Android

    Surah Rahman Urdu Translation is an Android Application of Surah Rehman which is available with translation, recitation and English transliteration. The app provides you the translation of Surah in...
  6. LilMuslim Arabic Alphabet Android Game for Muslim Kids

    ‘LilMuslim’ is an Islamic smartphone app designed for Muslim kids and assists them in learning Arabic alphabets in a fun environment. It features a wonderful user interface with fun environment, cute...
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    Quran Therapy

    An Islamic app developed by ‘QuranReading’ academy designed for providing home based Quranic solutions or cure to various diseases or disorders. The app is easy to use sports various great features...
  8. Quran Reading Full Al Quran Mp3 For Android

    The usage of cell phone application is continually growing there are an immense number of utilizations accessible on application stores when we talk about islamic applications for last couple of...
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    Never Miss Prayer

    Never miss prayer is an app for smart phones that help you in making a consistency in your prayers. It is mandatory on every Muslim to offer five prayers per day on specific Salat prayer times. In...
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    Tajwid Al Quran Smart Phones App

    Quran learning and recitation is necessary for every Muslim. But in this advanced we only concentrate just to learn Quran as soon as possible ignoring it rules like Tajweed. If you don’t have any...
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    Sahih Muslim -Complete Hadith App

    Sahih Muslim is authentic Hadith collection. Sahih Muslim is compiled by imam Muslim .There is also an app Sahih Muslim. Which provide complete list of Hadith of Holly Prophet (PBUH). Sahih Muslim is...
  12. Sahih Bukhari - A Complete Application of Hadith

    Sahih Bukhari, the application for Android and iOS users which provides you authentic hadith of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) collected by Imam Bukhari (R.A).The app has ability to store a list of...
  13. Last 20 Surahs of Quran: Path to Success in Akhira

    Quran is a source of guidance for every Muslim to get success in Akhira but to our hectic life routine we get so much busy in our life that we are unable to recite Quran. By analyzing this problem...
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    Islamic Way of Treating Servants

    The reason why Islam is a universal religion is the fact that it has touched and given instructions about each and every aspect of life. For a Muslim there is no other place to go for other than...
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    Consideration for the Parents

    Teachings of Islam full fill all aspects of life. Islam gives an honor able place to the parents and Muslims are urge to respect elders, especially their parents. It is obligation of Muslims to...
  16. Major Responsibilities Of Muslim Parents Towards Their Children

    Islam is not concerned only with the doings of a single person; rather Islam takes into consideration the doing of a person as a whole. Thus, every Muslim in Islam has an obligation towards other...
  17. The Mercy and the Forgiveness shown by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) towards Non-Muslims

    Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran that: “We have sent you as a mercy for all the worlds.” (Quran, 21:107)

    There were lot of enemies of Holy Prophet (PBUH) who spent their entire life in...
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    Did Islam Spread by the Sword?

    Most of the non-Muslims believe that Islam spread all over the world due to the use of the force. But it is wrong, that Islam spread all over the world by the sword, it spread due to the force of...
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    Ablution App : Wudu

    This application is suitable as a learning tool for kids as well as elders.Its chance for you to learn to correct way of performing Wudu.
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    Zakat App

    In this app You can calculate the Zakat amount and secondly you can check that you are liable to pay the Zakat or not.
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    Ramadan Duas

    'Ramadan Duas' is our one of the finest and top rated user friendy app.

    Here is download link:
  22. Persons Whose Dua Is Never Rejected by Allah Almighty

    A Muslim must have this thing clear in his or her mind that Allah Almighty is the listener of Duas and He does respond to a person sooner or later. However, there are different person whose dua Allah...
  23. Three Ashra’s Of Ramadan And Their Duas with important details

    How much we know about Islam and Ramadan ? Is this enough to learn about these ? Think About this.

    The very basic information is the ISlamic Months names:

  24. Who are the people of Book according to Quran

    Many times in Quran there is a discussion about believers of all holy religions including Jewism and Christianity. The common belief between Muslims, Jews and Christianity is the supervision of Allah...
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    Yes I am 100% agree with you, we always need to...

    Yes I am 100% agree with you, we always need to talk prayers on time because these are the special movements in which Allah SWT hear the voice of every person who is in Namaz and after spending this...
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