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Thread: Imama Sharif

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    Default Imama Sharif

    oalikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatu guys.

    I have a question about the color of the 'Imama.

    I referred to a website and saw that the majority of the ahadis state that the color of the Imama that the Prophet Mohammad wore was black. But a friend of mine told me white is better. can anyone tell me which color is worn by the Prophet Mohammad the most?
    And does it matter if i wear some other color? will i get as much reward?

    This is the website i referred to
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    There is no colour of islam..................u can wear any colour of imama u want but remember imama should be according to the Sunnah like the lenght and the shape of the imama, it does not matter what colour u wear.

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    Yes i think u r right..
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